TikTok star’s ‘$1,300’ Jacquemus dress divides the internet in Miami styling video

A designer dress apparently price $1,300 (USD) has been criticised as trying “cheap” after a girl posted a video of herself styling it on Instagram.

Marjan Tabibzada, a fashion influencer whose Instagram account @youngcouture_ has greater than 1.2m followers, filmed herself in Miami attempting on a pink sheer maxi dress by Jacquemus that retails for £970.

The silk chiffon robe contains a cowl neck and strap detailing, in addition to a flowing skirt with a practice.

Viewers, nonetheless, had been unimpressed by how the dress regarded and criticised it for showing “cheap” and “not worth” the price ticket.

In her video, Tabibzada mentioned she bought a pink slip dress from Amazon to put on beneath the Jacquemus dress as a result of it was “way too see-through”.

She accessorised with flowery pink earrings, strappy heels from Zara, and a pearl clutch from Los Angeles model Cult Gaia.

In her caption, Tabibzada wrote: “Is this dress worth US$1,300?”

Many of her viewers didn’t suppose so, with some saying that the influencer “got scammed” into shopping for the garment.

“Definitely not worth the price… US$13 sure but I wouldn’t even spend US$20 on that,” one individual mentioned.

A disillusioned follower wrote: “Why is it so bad though? I had high hopes.”

Explaining why they didn’t like the dress, one individual mentioned: “Not in love with the dress, especially with the tag showing through due to the sheerness. I don’t get the concept they were going for.”

Another mentioned the dress was “giving Shein”, evaluating the designer garment to these bought on the quick trend on-line retailer.

Fashion influencer Marjan Tabibzada exhibits her remaining styling of her Jacquemus dress


Others defended the dress and its worth, highlighting that it’s made with luxurious materials.

One individual wrote: “People in the comments are foolish, ‘Looks like it’s from Shein’, OK, great, enjoy your $9 (£7) dress. Expensive fabrics typically feel so incomparable on the body.

“It won’t be staticky, it probably doesn’t stain as easily or snag… Y’all really think Shein dresses lok like real clothes… I think it’s very elegant. I’ll never understand the fascination with cheap clothes and shoes for some, they don’t feel the same.”

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