The Rolling Stones Are Back With a New Album, ‘Hackney Diamonds’

Jagger scoffed on the thought of the Rolling Stones as an establishment. “It’s only a band,” he stated.

But Ronnie Wood, the guitarist who joined in 1975, cherishes the band’s six many years of continuity. “That has been my thing all these years, to keep my institution going,” he stated in a video interview from his condo in Barcelona. “When Mick and Keith fell out, I’d do my best to get them together again — at least get them talking and start the engines roaring again.”

The album’s title comes from London slang. Hackney is a borough in East London that had lengthy held a tough repute, although it has recently gone extra upscale. Wood defined that “Hackney diamonds” are bits of broken glass from automobile windshields after break-ins depart them, in a phrase, shattered.

“A lot of the tracks on the album have that explosion,” Wood stated. “This is a really in-your-face album.”

Making the brand new LP, the band regained “a sense of urgency,” Jagger stated by way of video from Paris, with work of chic French gentry on the wall behind him. Of course, the longtime members of the Rolling Stones — Jagger, 80, Richards, 79, and Wood, 76 — weren’t getting any youthful.

“I said to Keith, ‘If we don’t have a deadline, we’re never going to finish this record,’” Jagger stated. “So I said, ‘The deadline is Valentine’s Day 2023. And then we’re going to go out and tour it.’ That’s what we used to have to do. You know, you’ve got to finish ‘Exile on Main Street’ because you’ve got a tour booked.”

Even with out new albums, the Stones saved touring within the 2010s and 2020s. The band had gone to studios often to get began on songs, however by no means received round to ending them. Meanwhile, Jagger and Richards had every amassed a backlog of recent materials in numerous phases, written individually however awaiting the band’s collaborative touches.

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