‘The Ingraham Angle’ on COVID lockdown proponents asking for amnesty

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I’m Laura Ingraham. This is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from Washington tonight. ‘No Amnesty’ that’s the focus of tonight’s ‘Angle’.

All right, how convenient. Now that we see just how wrong the COVID experts were on everything from school shutdowns to vaxx mandates. Those same experts are telling us that it’s just time to move on.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Move on. Nothing to see here. Please disburse. Nothing to see here, please.


INGRAHAM: Right in the Atlantic Brown University economist Emily Oster argues that we need to let bygones be bygones on the COVID debate and not relitigate the past. We have to put these fights aside and declare a pandemic amnesty, forgiving the hard calls that people had no choice but to make with imperfect knowledge. LA County closed its beaches in the summer of 2020. And ex post facto, this makes no sense. But we need to learn from our mistakes, and then let them go.

Nice try. But no way. First off, there is little sign that those responsible for the disastrous decisions actually learn much, if anything at all. Where were the Mea culpa from the shutdown fanatics like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx. First, they gave horrendous advice to Donald Trump, that led to his decision to shut down the entire country. This never should have happened. It did enormous damage to our children, our economy, our constitutional rights, and the American psyche that we’re still seeing play out today. Almost everything they advocated, other than maybe washing your hands and covering your face when you sneeze was wrong, like this.


DEBORAH BIRX, WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE COORDINATOR: If you’re never more than if you’re never within six feet of any single individual, then you’ve controlled the virus.

ANTHONY FAUCI, CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISOR TO THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES: We’re asking the young people to help us with this mitigation strategy by staying out of the bars, staying out of the restaurants, really trying to distance yourself. Don’t get the attitude. Well, I’m young, I’m invulnerable.


INGRAHAM: Do you realize that social distancing was never grounded in science? Never. It was all made up.


SCOTT GOTTLIEB, FORMER UNITED STATES COMMISSIONER OF FOOD AND DRUGS: Single costliest recommendation that CDC made that you had to maintain 6 feet of distance that wasn’t based on good judgment and good science.


INGRAHAM: They were wrong about the vaccines stopping transmission to.


DR. ROCHELLE WALENSKY, DIRECTOR OF THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL: Our data from the CDC today suggest, you know that that vaccinated people do not carry the virus don’t get sick.


INGRAHAM: Oops, false. Most Americans thought the vaccine would stop you from getting COVID altogether. Well, of course, we know that was wrong. You also could transmit the virus if you had the vaccine. The CDC director Walensky has been vast and boosted I think a total of what five times and she has COVID again. They were wrong to dismiss natural immunity as well. It turns out, acquired immunity through previous infection does in fact provide durable immunity from future infection. And it’s certainly lessees your symptoms if you get it again. And you remember what CNN, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and the rest of the medical cartel had Americans doing.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: But we do know the virus can live on surfaces. For example, steel and plastic for up to three days. I’ve used a lot of glitter here for my kids to show you what the virus might be like. I just going to clean all the virus off here. I’m going to do too much. It’s a pretty sensitive virus. You don’t need to use any kind of specific wipe either any household cleaner will do.


INGRAHAM: OK, I forgot that one. A few weeks later, CNN had to explain that no, you don’t actually need to wipe down your box of spaghetti or leave your Amazon packages in the garage, how embarrassing. But these people were drunk on their own power. Anthony Fauci even wanted to control your holiday plans.


FAUCI: If you get vaccinated and your family is vaccinated, you can feel good about enjoying a typical Thanksgiving, Christmas with your family and close friends. You’ve got to be careful when you go into large public indoor spaces where there are a lot of people there and that’s the reason why you should be wearing a mask under those circumstances. I mean obvious the N95 is the best but as regular surgical mask as well as a cloth mask is fine.


INGRAHAM: Wait a second is fine. Is he talking about those filthy masks hanging on everyone’s rearview mirrors? The mask that they grabbed before they dashed into a store. Perhaps the worst part of all of this was the vicious campaign to smear and de-platform anyone who question their pronouncements including world renowned doctors and researchers remember, The Great Barrington declaration.

From our top academic institutions, they’ve been blacklisted people. These people have been threatened and excommunicated by Medical Associations and of course, social media platforms. And despite how wrong the so called experts were on a myriad issues, the retribution against dissident doctors continues to this day in the name of protecting public health, and combating the spread of dangerous to disinformation.

How ironic, since they’re the worst purveyors of it, of all. Fame cardiologists, a member of my medicine cabinet, Peter McCullough, could even lose his board certification for what he said over the last two plus years. He told MedPage that he’s appealing the recommendation by the American Board of Internal Medicine. And he’s persecuted for stating the truth that the government was playing with math on the viruses true lethality. That was another issue of his.

Well, now we see that he and others who spoke about the lethality of the virus were right. A new analysis of COVID deaths shows that early on before vaccines were available, the infection fatality rate for people younger than the age of 70 was below 1 percent. And for those under the age of 19, it was 0.0003 percent. Now given the analysis we just read, it’s less lethal than the flu to a majority of the population. That is stunning.

So called public health officials duped America, as the CEO of Pfizer, of course, he became a multi billionaire. Governor’s whom made the right calls like Ron DeSantis, Brian Kemp in Georgia, Kristi Noem in South Dakota, were made out to be pariahs by the media medical cartel.

Meanwhile, the real data now shows that the anti-lockdown governors were right. And the governors of States like New Jersey, New York, California, Illinois were wrong. There are people knew it and many of them fled, never to return to those States.

There have to be ramifications for the faulty decisions and the mistakes that were made. Otherwise, they’ll just do the same power grabs, the next time they announce a crisis. I don’t know maybe the next crisis won’t be a pandemic. It’ll be a climate crisis or a racism crisis. But those same types of experts will feel free to issue unconstitutional mandates and extend emergency powers for as long as they can get away with it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need to sustain our investment in COVID. So we still have work to do that it’s going to require ongoing investment from Congress ongoing investment in our country so that we can continue to make sure everybody in our country has the protection that they need from COVID-19.


INGRAHAM: How do we get protected from you? It’s not enough to say we did the best we could or we tried our best. It’s complex. We didn’t know all the facts. In the real world, when people make mistakes, there are consequences. When companies make big mistakes, the company changes leadership or goes out of business. And when a football coach keeps losing game after game, usually gets fired.

The public health officials who got COVID wrong, the governors who got it wrong, the senators who refuse to speak up for children locked out of schools, they all need to be removed from positions of any authority. They cannot be trusted again with power, period. None of them have admitted they were wrong or shown true repentance. They certainly haven’t recommended restitution for those who were materially harmed, including needless loss of life.

They were harmed by the mistakes in the knowing falsehoods. None of them have urged that legal protections actually be put in place to prevent these types of abuses from ever happening again. And this is something that Republicans when they win the majority again, will have to insist upon. The angle isn’t hoping for some symbolic impeachment drama, playing out day- after-day.

What we do need though, is real oversight with professional investigations led by outside experts and backed by the power of the congressional purse. This is why Democrats are so frantic about Trump’s pledge to reform the civil service. Because everything they do within the civil service is designed to insulate themselves, by any meaningful scrutiny. How dare you question America’s Dr. Anthony Fauci? He’s been a loyal civil servant for over 40 years.

And one of the main reasons that we have a growing populist movement in the United States is that for two decades, the American establishment failed to Police itself and correct its mistakes. But going forward, this must change, and a reckoning on the disastrous results of our COVID policies. It’s a good place to start. No Amnesty, and that’s the ‘Angle’.

Joining me now is Congressman Jim Banks, Chair of the Republican Study Committee, and Harmeet Dhillon, Civil Rights Attorney and Chairwoman of the Republican National Lawyers Association. Harmeet, what this Atlantic writer is suggesting is something that, like, it’s kind of like a toxic forgiveness and that it rejects accountability, and allows for the same types of individuals to abuse power again, that cannot happen again.

HARMEET DHILLON, REPUBLICAN NATIONAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION: Well, absolutely, Laura. Emily Foster’s piece just completely ignores how wrong these people were achieving, you know, jokes about her son yelling at somebody on a trail as if it’s some kind of a joke. And these same people are still running our lives, they’re still the ones dictating government policy, they’re still the ones telling us which doctors can have their licenses and who can speak on the Internet.

And all the state laws Laura for the most part that allowed governor’s to abuse our rights are still in place with virtually no changes whatsoever, other than perhaps the duration of an emergency period. So, I have to say that this is a bipartisan problem, Laura, even Republican governors reveled in their power, even Republican governors declared some businesses essential and non-essential.

And just about everybody in the country suffered mightily from this, there are no reparations for the people who lost their jobs, and people who lost their businesses, the people who lost their hope, their loved ones, and people are very angry. They’re seething and until we have some accountability for that, and we change the power dynamic that allowed this to happen. We will not have peace in this country over this issue, Laura, and I’ll never get those years back that I fought in the courts and lost, and lost and lost and finally won, but we can never let this happen again.

INGRAHAM: Now well, Congressman, we still have our Military subject to these vaccine mandates. We still have healthcare professionals who cannot get their jobs back without a vaccine when they have already had COVID recovered from it, obviously have some durable natural immunity. We know the vaccine, the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission anyway. So the whole point of the vaccine mandate has been eliminated. But this still remains. Congress has got to do something about this, if you guys won majority.

REP. JIM BANKS (R-IN): We have to use the power of the purse Laura to force the Pentagon, to bring back all of these soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who they flushed out the Military for not taking the vaccine. That’s absolutely the case. I just spoke with a leader in the Military who I served with in Afghanistan, four or five years ago, who was troubled by the number of troops who he was seeing being flushed out who are great, great Americans who want to serve our country, and this administration is continuing to force them out. So this this is an area that we have to use the power of the purse, when we’re in the majority, to force them to do the right thing and allow these men and women to serve.

INGRAHAM: Now Italy finally got rid of its vaccine mandate for all its healthcare workers and is paying restitution Harmeet to those who lost their jobs in Italy. That’s how far they’re going to rectify what went wrong there. Now a major lawsuit Harmeet this is right up your alley. I hope we’ll strike a blow to this collusion between the medical cartel, Big Tech and the government censors. Missouri V. Biden is the case, and it’s uncovering astonishing evidence of entrenched censorship. And so far 67 officials or agencies have been accused in the lawsuit of violating the First Amendment by pressuring Facebook, Twitter and Google to censor users for alleged misinformation. Harmeet, this is so much more pervasive than people realize.

DHILLON: Absolutely, Laura. Again at the Center for American Liberty, we were ahead of the curve. We filed a lawsuit on this very issue almost two years ago. Now Rogen O’Hanley our client was censored by the California government Alex Padilla now a Senator. And you know, court rejected it. The court said oh, and that’s not a First Amendment violation come to find that the federal government has been doing the exact same thing on a massive scale and to be very clear, using your tax dollars to hire so called outside consultants to do their dirty work.

Now even the ACLU is finally woken up from its sleep on the First Amendment and said, this is a violation of the First Amendment there must be a bipartisan agreement that it is never right for the government to censor our speech and tell private corporations to censor our speech. They cannot use agents to do that. That’s a First Amendment Conspiracy, and it must be stopped.

INGRAHAM: Yes, this is going to have to go to the Supreme Court and I would hope they would do the right thing here. I want to read one more bit from this piece a Congressman by Emily Oster from Brown University, rather than debating the role that messaging about COVID vaccines had in this decline. Pediatricians and public-health officials will need to work together and politicians will need to consider school mandates.

Congressman, 0.0003 percent lethality for children? Would a house majority even consider funding schools that force children to get this still experimental shot in their arms before they’re able to attend school?

BANKS: Absolutely not. And we will hold when we get the majority we will hold these bureaucrats accountable who force this outrageous, these outrageous mandates on our kids that we have to start with that, we have to hold them accountable this bombshell story Laura shows me that I thought Big Tech was the biggest threat to free speech.

And now we’re finding out that the Biden Administration, the federal government, pushing mandates like these censorship attacks on our on our First Amendment, our free speech. We have to hold them all accountable for it. Representative Dan Bishop from North Carolina introduced a bill today that would strengthen the penalties on those government officials who do this, who pushed these types of attacks on our First Amendment. We have to hold them accountable for it.

INGRAHAM: Congressman and Harmeet, thank you tonight. Now speaking of censorship, just how hard is Big Tech working to suppress information that is harmful to the Democrats as we approach the midterms? Now consider what happened to frequent Ingraham and INGRAHAM ANGLE guest, Savannah Hernandez. Two weeks ago, we brought you the videos of her harrowing reporting from Portland, Oregon.

This footage shows a man who Ode on fentanyl, who was then robbed as he lay on the ground. Now, in a state where Republican actually could become governor for the first time and I think three decades, the Big Tech sensors got to work. Instagram restricted her Portland video, while YouTube tried to remove it all together.

Joining us now Savannah Hernandez, Turning Point USA Reporter. Savannah, given what we just learned in that intercept reporting last night about this collusion between Big Tech and Biden. Do you think it’s any coincidence that, days before the midterms, this is what they’re up to?

SAVANNAH HERNANDEZ, TURNING POINT USA REPORTER: Not surprising at all, Laura? Now I’m actually in Philadelphia right now, but my YouTube subscribers wouldn’t know that because I’m not allowed to post. Now this is a battleground state. Very important, we have a you know, very tight race here. And I’m here to highlight again, the homelessness, the drug issue very similar to what I did in Portland, because I’m thinking, hey, maybe the citizens here in Philadelphia, or maybe in Pennsylvania as a whole want to know how their state is doing.

Maybe people across the nation want to see the reality of progressive Democrat policies. Now your viewers might not be aware, but I’m actually tripled banned on Twitter each time for breaking national news back in 2020. You know, all of my footage of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots has since been deleted. Earlier this year, I interviewed the one athlete brave enough to speak out against Lea Thomas, the biological male that was swimming in the women’s Swimming Championships.

She has since been deleted alongside all the BLM footage, alongside all of the, you know, pride footage I got in Washington, DC. So the point that I’m trying to make here with this with the censorship with the collusion of our government with Big Tech is that they had been working for years to silence journalists like myself so they can silence the people in the streets of America and hide the truth of what’s really going on.

INGRAHAM: Well, they don’t they don’t want to be able to have knowledge before they vote. Savannah, I want to show our viewers what YouTube is trying to block.


HERNANDEZ: Can I ask what you’re doing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I’m mixing cocaine and fentanyl together to produce what’s known as a speedball.

HERNANDEZ: Where did you get all those needles from? Talk to me about it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Prevention plan.

HERNANDEZ: What are they for?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For people who they need them. So they won’t have to use dirty needles.


INGRAHAM: How are things ever going to get better? If people actually don’t know what’s happening on the streets of their own States? Maybe they don’t get a chance to go to Philadelphia or certain neighborhoods where this is really prevalent very often, but maybe they’d like it to stop, nonetheless.

HERNANDEZ: Exactly Laura, and prevention point mind you gave out over 8 million clean needles to do drug addicts on the streets of Philadelphia last year. My driver here actually was talking with me about it he said he had no idea that this was an issue. The majority of Americans have no idea of what’s happening in San Francisco, LA and Skid Row in Portland in, you know, the streets of Philly. They want to see the reality of progressive policy.

And that’s why censorship is so important; because it allows the left it allows Democrats to rewrite history. I mean, they just tried to change the definition of recession a couple months ago for crying out loud. So that’s why since censorship is so important to them, right, because if you actually hold their feet to the fire, and you say, Hey, look at your failed policy, the streets of America look horrific right now. They can’t justify it, their failures, their policies failed, and that’s why they’re going to fail on November 8.

INGRAHAM: Savannah, thank you. Great to see you and best of luck to you. Coming up a shock poll out of New Hampshire. It’s now showing Republican Senate Candidate, Don Bolduc in the lead for the first time. How big could this Red Wave get? Bolduc is here to explain it. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: Just a month ago, Senator Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire was leading Republican Don Bolduc by as much as 11 points. Well, where are things today? One new poll by Saint Anselm found that Bolduc is now up by one.

Joining us now is Republican New Hampshire Senate Candidate, Don Bolduc. Don, I’m thinking about the last time we chatted, maybe it was on my podcast when Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund pulled money out of the New Hampshire race. That kind of looks silly now, doesn’t it Don?

DON BOLDUC (R) NEW HAMPSHIRE, SENATE CANDIDATE: Well, it certainly would seem that way. But you know, he pulled it out. And many people came in to fill the gap. Grassroots all across the nation here and in the Granite State, great help from the NRSC, Rick Scott and Rona McDaniel out of the RNC. They saw the potential in this race, they saw that we could win.

They didn’t give up and, you know, good old fashioned hard work grassroots 76 Town Halls between the primary and the general election, 6 more scheduled up to Election Day. We’re working harder than she is. We’re everywhere, that she is not. She does zoom calls and all these other things. She’s not working hard enough. And she just has voted the wrong way for the last six years and its hurt Granite Staters and Americans and now it’s coming to roost.

INGRAHAM: Well Don, Hassan released a new ad. OK, she does zoom calls a few appearances here and there. But she’s touting her independence Don, watch.


SEN. MAGGIE HASSAN (D-NH): Getting things done means reaching across the aisle, like working with Republicans to ban surprise medical bills and voting to hire 100,000 new Police officers. And it means standing up to the President.


INGRAHAM: She says she’s standing up to Biden; wait a second, should the voters in New Hampshire actually believe that?

BOLDUC: No, you know, every, every edge she puts out is a lie. And now at least she’s now telling the lie herself. Because when it comes to the abortion ads and the Social Security ads and the Medicare ads, she gets other people to tell her lies. And I think that is really sad. You know, it’s just the way the Democrats do it. It’s unfortunate that they can’t stand on their record, but they can’t heating.

INGRAHAM: Well Don, I’m going to ask you about that. Let me just hope-in on the heating oil issue. Because you and I spoke about that last time, I predicted that the heating oil costs for the winter, would tip it over the top in a number of these New England races. We’ll see what happens in Connecticut against Blumenthal with Leora Levy. But this race in New Hampshire, those bills are really piling up for New Hampshire families.

BOLDUC: They are piling up and I encourage everybody to take their electric bill. You know, their oil bill, their food bill into the voting booth with them and look at it because it’s going to double in December. It’s going to triple in January, we’re going to have no natural gas left. We’re going to have blackouts; schools are going to be closed. People are going to be freezing. This is what’s going to happen. If she gets reelected and everybody knows it. And she can’t defend it.

INGRAHAM: Thanks, Don. I’m so excited about this race. I spent four long winters that I loved in New Hampshire, and we can’t wait to see what happens on Tuesday.

Now as the election of course right around the corner. Look, the fate is sealed for the Democrats. A lot of us now thinking and their media lackeys, they’re resorting to insane theories like this from mess NBC last night.


JOY REID, MSNBC NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: You look at these real quick politics averages; you look at the 538 averages. And you can’t just look at them as well. I can trust them because it’s 538 RealClearPolitics. There’s a lot of junk polls in them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The places we rely on to help us tell us what’s going on in the election had been corrupted by a flood of Republican polling in the last few weeks. I mean now in six major battleground States more than half the polls conducted in October have been conducted by Republican firms. That means that basically we can’t trust the data on Real Clear Politics FiveThirtyEight any longer because it’s essentially Republican propaganda.


INGRAHAM: Oh, Simon, come on. Joining us now to respond is the president and cofounder of Real Clear Politics Tom Bevan. Tom, your reaction on this assault on the Real Clear Politics site and averages, it is all Republican propaganda. Your reaction tonight?

TOM BEVAN, COFOUNDER, REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Yes, a couple of points to make. Number one, it’s actually been the Republican firms like Trafalgar and others who have been more accurate over the last three cycles than most polling firms. And it has been like other firms like “The New York Times,” Siena, and some of these other mainstream media polls that have had big misses and been less accurate. So that’s point number one.

Point number two is, it’s just not true that these are all Republican polls. You just mentioned the Saint Anselm College poll, New Hampshire, we had a Morning Call poll in Pennsylvania that showed that race tied. We have 15 polls in our RCP average of the generic congressional ballot, and the average is about 2.8 for Republicans. But even the Democratic firms like Democracy Corps have Republicans up two points. Data for Progress, another Democratic firm, has Republicans up four points. So it’s just not true that this is some sort of grand conspiracy that’s trying to manipulate the averages. They don’t like what they were seeing.

INGRAHAM: Well, they weren’t claiming any problems like, I don’t know, eight weeks ago when the Democrats looked pretty good in these states, right. There was no conspiracy then, but there is a conspiracy on November 1st.

All right, Democrats only have themselves to blame because new reporting is revealing that they spent, Tom, nearly $320 million on ads focused on abortion, more than 10 times as much as the $31 million they’ve spent on spots about inflation. That’s according to Ad Impact that tracks media. So that’s their decision-making that came into play, correct? That was a bad call, it turns out.

BEVAN: That has been the strategy. And look, the data on this has been really clear for months and months. It was clear before the Dobbs decision leaked and it was clear after the Dobbs decision leaked that the most important issue on the minds of the majority voters and certainly supermajorities of Republicans but also majorities of independent voters were the economy, inflation, gas prices, jobs, et cetera, and abortion was well down the list.

And look, the Democrats thought that issue was gowning to be a game changer, and it certainly did help motivate their base and energize their base. But the problem is, it’s not where the majority of independent voters are. And that’s left them looking out of touch here in the home stretch. Where independent voters are asking candidate, wanting candidates to talk about the economy and inflation, and Democrats are still focused on the issue of abortion.

INGRAHAM: All right, Tom, we appreciate it, thank you so much.

Now, in a signal that the GOP’s 50 state strategy is working, Cook Political has just moved 10 more blue congressional districts in California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois toward Republicans. Now, a Republican in one of those districts and California native Stephen Miller are here next with all the details.


INGRAHAM: Tonight as part of our Retaking America series, we present the Orange County comeback. The Democrats made some big gains in the House in 2020 winning 222 house races, including 42 alone in California. Even the 47th district in a once reliably conservative Orange County went blue, won by the very liberal Katie Porter. She’s personable and talks a good game about being beyond partisan politics, but in the end she voted 98 percent of the time with Pelosi and Biden.

Orange County residents see the same nightmare unfold that we all do, right. They see inflation, crime, illegal immigration. It’s all out of control. This has created a huge opening for Republican Scott Baugh, who wants Republicans in California to wake up and Orange County to return to better days, low energy prices and safe streets. But Democrats are pouring money into this race to save Porter now. She’s raised over $23 million, only second to Nancy Pelosi herself.

Scott Baugh, who is a Republican running to unseat Katie Porter in California, and Stephen Miller, former senior adviser to President Trump and founder of America First Legal. Scott, Porter is described as good at portraying herself as a champion of the middle class. I think that’s how the “L.A. Times” described her. Is she really that?

SCOTT BAUGH, (R) CALIFORNIA CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: Of course not. It’s nonsense. She voted for a tax increase on the middle class, $20 billion. She has voted for $22 trillion in spending. She even wrote a letter to Joe Biden saying spending doesn’t cost inflation, so he should spend more. So no, she has betrayed the people that she pretends to represent, and she will be defeated because of that. She’s out of touch.

INGRAHAM: Stephen, Katie Porter had a message for Californians who were frustrated with some of the Democrats in her own party. Watch.


REP. KATIE PORTER, (D-CA): We are on top of this, and we are willing to fight to do something about it. So Republicans are simply pointing fingers at Democrats, but Democrats need to come back to voters and say they’re just pointing fingers. We have solutions. We see the issues, we see the challenges. Here is what we have done, and we know there is more to do. You can trust us to do it.


INGRAHAM: Stephen, are they hiding all the solutions? As a California native, is this is going to work?

STEPHEN MILLER, FORMER SENIOR ADVISER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: It’s amazing how the media builds up people like Congresswoman Porter. She just strung together a bunch of meaningless buzzwords that add up to exactly nothing. We know what the Democrat agenda is because we have been living under it for two years. Open borders, rampant crime, rampant inflation, and rampant indoctrination in our schools, crazy gender ideology, critical race theory, putting men in girls’ sports league. This is not popular in any part of this country.

And that’s why if for one more week Republicans stay on message on those issues, they can win anywhere in any part of this country from Orange County to Washington to New Hampshire and every place in between.

INGRAHAM: Scott, we have launched our no state left behind mantra over the last really, 10 or 11 months, OK. I think California, not just Orange County, but California is ripe for a comeback into reality. Do you see this brewing, maybe not everything obviously, this election, but moving forward after Tuesday to 2024?

BAUGH: Yes, of course, I do. Katie Porter has spent $24 million this cycle. She spends money worse than in her campaign than she does for government. But the bottom line for Katie Porter is that she wants open border, she wants reparations. We call her open-border Porter out here. She wants the defund the police. She wants to criticize the police. In fact, she called the police force in Irvine a disgrace.

We want a crime illegal again in California, and the voters of my district, they’re tired of this overspending. They want government to live within their means. They want a commonsense approach, not an extreme approach. There is no spending itch Katie Porter won’t scratch. And so they are tired of the inflation, they’re tired of the high gas prices, they’re tired of what they’re seeing with diesel, the shortages coming on. They want to change and they’re going the see that change November 8th.

INGRAHAM: Scott, we are very excited for your race. And Stephen, before we go, FOX has obtained video showing a group of Venezuelans crossing illegally into El Paso in Texas, and then being pushed back by Border Patrol agents with pepper balls. This has, not surprisingly, gotten backlash from the left that the pepper balls were actually used. Is this the new whipping scandal, Stephen?

MILLER: Yes, it’s the same thing, the same smear campaign. And of course, Biden is nowhere to be seen defending the agents that he put in this position by having his open-border policy. And ultimately this issue, in my opinion, is going to be the biggest issue on the mines of tens of millions of voters come Tuesday, because they understand that if we don’t have a border, if we have the kinds of chaos and violence and bloodshed we are seeing in this country because of her open border, there won’t be a country anymore. That’s existential, that’s a matter of survival. And millions of voters are going to show up in every part of this country to say we want a border.

INGRAHAM: Scott Baugh and Stephen Miller, thank you both so much.

Do I have a fun one next. Biden the imploding gasbag. My take on the president’s purposeful destruction of American energy and his ridiculous so-called solution. Stay with us.



JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: It’s time for these companies to stop more profiteering, meet their responsibilities to this country, and give the American people a break and still do very well. My team will work with Congress to look at these options that are available to us and others.


INGRAHAM: That’s the perfect soundbite to kick off my examination of Biden, the imploding gasbag.

Let’s lay out some of the actual truth here. First, Biden wants gas prices to go higher. He and the left agree that Americans use too much gasoline. So they’ve implemented a series of policies designed to drive gas prices higher.

Second, Biden knew, or he should have known, that picking a fight with Russia would lead to even higher gas prices. He picked the fight anyway. And now he refuses to seek peace.

Third, Biden knew or should have known that if gas prices went up, oil and gas producers would make more money. That’s just how the law of supply and demand works.

Fourth, Biden has spent this summer shrinking the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a desperate attempt to lower prices before the midterms, but those effects were always going to be temporary and would lead to even higher prices once markets realized that the federal government needed to replenish the reserve.

So there is a direct and clear link between Biden’s actions and higher gas prices. But now Biden wants to threaten the oil and gas companies and say that they’ll be punished unless they produce more oil and gas. Why is there any reason to believe these threats are going to work? The energy companies, they know that Biden wants higher gas prices and that he’ll block drilling, and soon — and he’ll do as soon as he thinks that he could do so without paying any political prices.

If Biden didn’t want higher gas prices, he should have adopted very different policies from the very beginning. To think that he could keep the same policies and somehow generate vast amounts of new oil and gas production, simply through threats, it’s ludicrous.

Joining me now is Robert Bryce, host of the “Power Hungry” podcast and author of “A Question of Power, Electricity and the Wealth of Nations.” Robert, what I left unmentioned is the thing that could further cripple the U.S. economy, of course the looming diesel shortage. What can you tell us about that?

ROBERT BRYCE, AUTHOR, “A QUESTION OF POWER”: Well, right now, Laura — thanks for having me on — diesel inventories or the amount of diesel we have in storage is at the lowest level since 2008. And I guess what my message here is, we need energy realism. This country runs on gasoline, diesel fuel, and cheeseburgers, and that’s not going to change for decades to some. And unfortunately, this administration wants to beat up on the oil industry. The reality, nearly everything we buy at the grocery store, the department store, is delivered by diesel fuel trucks, and now, we are seeing diesel fuel prices accelerating. They’re going up very rapidly, particularly in the northeast.

It’s going to be bad, it’s going to increase inflation, and expensive energy is the enemy of the poor. And so I think this is going to just further add fuel to the inflation in the economy. And I say that as not a person. I am not a Republican, I’m not a Democrat. I’m disgusted, but I just don’t think this administration is really taking a realistic look at what needs to happen to assure energy security, which means abundant energy that’s affordable. And we don’t have that right now.

INGRAHAM: Back to my point, the higher energy prices, that is the policy. The only reason they’re talking about it is because it’s going to hurt them politically right now. But here is how John Kirby responded when he was pressed about this diesel fuel shortage issue.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What are we doing to prepare for the winter and to ramp up the supply of diesel?

JOHN KIRBY, NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL COORDINATOR FOR STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS: We have doubled our commitment, the commitment we made in March for natural gas exports to Europe. We doubled that commitment in terms of actual, getting things over there, getting natural gas over there. And we are working with foreign suppliers of natural gas and oil to see if we can’t help our European partners diversify their own storage and supplies.


INGRAHAM: Now, Robert, how insane is this? He wants to double down on our exports to Europe during a gas crisis?

BRYCE: Listen, Europe needs help, and Europe needs to help themselves. And I was really disappointed. We didn’t come here to talk about Europe, but Rishi Sunak, the new prime minister, banning fracking is just ridiculous. This is I have a piece coming out in “The Hill” tomorrow saying this is a gift to Putin. Why would the Brits ban fracking? They need to start drilling if they are serious about energy security.

But my bottom line here, Laura, is the world runs on oil. It is easy to hate the oil companies, but if oil didn’t exist, we’d have to invent it. It’s a miracle substance. And our economy runs on oil, our transportation system depends in particular on diesel fuels. And so what I fear is this could get worse, particularly you had an earlier guest talking about energy prices in the northeast, distillate fuel oil, these are going to go up in price. And so this is a problem, and it’s going to continue, I fear, for much to come.

INGRAHAM: Robert, I think Americans are going to die in their homes because of oil price hikes that are just untenable for most families. Robert, thank you.

A big announcement, and it’s big. So stay with us.


INGRAHAM: Our Houston townhall last week on the Hispanic move to the GOP was so successful, we decided to do another one. So, the big apple better be ready because THE INGRAHAM ANGLE Retaking America townhall is coming this Friday, November 4th, live at 10:00 p.m. eastern. I’m going to be joined by Dr. Oz, Herschel Walker, J.D. Vance, Lee Zeldin, Adam Laxalt, and other surprises. So make sure, if you’re not around, come one. Set your DVR. You’re not going to want to miss it. Our final townhall before all the good news starts rolling in on election night. I cannot wait. I’m so excited. I’m such a political geek.

“GUTFELD!” next.

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