Suspects in child’s fentanyl death at Bronx day care get federal charges

Prosecutors reveal new proof in Bronx day care fentanyl death

Prosecutors reveal new evidence in Bronx day care fentanyl death


NEW YORK — The two folks arrested in the death of 1-year-old Nicholas Dominici at a day care facility in New York City at the moment are dealing with federal charges. 

That’s due to the quantity of medicine discovered. In truth, authorities stated they discovered sufficient fentanyl to kill 500,000 folks. 

Three different children had been hospitalized after being uncovered to fentanyl that was allegedly being processed at the location in the Bronx. 

Police stated they discovered a kilogram of fentanyl in a hallway closet at the day care, stacked on high of kids’s play mats. They additionally stated they discovered three kilo press machines, that are used to bundle medicine. 

Details of the investigation revealed

Federal charges announced in day care fentanyl death


Federal officers held a information convention to debate the federal charges Tuesday. We introduced that information convention to you live on CBS News New York.   

“This case is different. We allege the defendants poisoned four babies, and killed one of them, because they were running a drug operation from a day care center. A day care center – a place where children should be kept safe, not surrounded by a drug that can kill them in an instant,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams stated.

Williams stated the Grei Mendez tried to cowl up the fentanyl operation earlier than calling emergency responders. Mendez and her husband’s cousin Carlisto Acevedo Brito are below arrest on homicide and drug charges. The now face federal charges of conspiracy to distribute narcotics ensuing in death and possession with intent to distribute narcotics ensuing in death. 

Williams stated the federal charges carry a variety of 20 years to life in jail. 

Investigators stated proof show Mendez and Brito had been lively individuals in the drug-running sceme.   

Federal charges announced in Bronx day care fentanyl death


“As alleged in the complaint, before emergency personnel arrived at the day care, before they arrived, Mendez and a co-conspirator tried to cover up what happened. Seconds before Mendez called before 911, she called a co-conspirator. Minutes later, a con-conspirator arrived at the day care. Minutes later, he left the day care and fled out the back alley, carrying two full shopping bags. And all of that happened while the children, the babies, were suffering from the effects of fentanyl poisoning and in desperate need of help.” 

“In my 32 years of government service, 25 of which has been spent serving with the DEA, there is no more devastating news or tragedy than the loss of a child, and every New Yorker should be outraged by this senseless tragedy,” DEA Special Agent in Charge Frank Tarentino stated. 

Officers are trying to find Mendez’s husband, who’s described in courtroom data as a co-conspirator. 

Williams was requested how assured they had been they might discover the co-conspirator.

“We’re going to get him,” Williams stated. 

Investigators say as Mendez was speaking to officers she messaged her husband that police had been asking about him and urged he discover a lawyer.

Police additionally searched Brito’s cellphone, who was renting a bed room at the daycare. They stated Brito acquired messages in August and September that they imagine had been associated to the distribution of medicine from the day care. 

When questioned by detectives, each Brito and Mendez denied having any data of the medicine. 

The legal criticism additionally says Mendez deleted greater than 21,500 messages from an app on which she communicated together with her husband between March of 2021 and this month.

Fentanyl is “the most urgent threat in our nation”

Tarentino stated extra 110,000 Americans have died because of drug poisoning. 

“Fentanyl is a killer. Fentanyl crept into our illicit drug supply like a cancer, slowly and deceptively, and it is now in everything, everywhere, killing victims instantly and indiscriminately. Fentanyl is the most urgent threat in our nation and the tragedy that unfolded in the Bronx at the Divino Nino day care center demonstrates the danger that fentanyl poses to every New Yorker,”  Tarentino stated. 

“This is a tragedy, and my heart breaks for the children and their families. But I promise you this: We’re going to keep fighting for justice, in this case and every other case involving this deadly poison,” Williams stated. “I also have a message for anyone out there who is selling fentanyl: Stop pushing this poison. It kills. It ruins lives, and it will ruin yours too when we catch you, convict you, and send you to federal prison.” 

Williams referred to as fentanyl a “public health crisis.” 

“I’m a lawyer, I’m a United States Attorney here, but I’m a father,” Williams stated. “Common sense dictates when you drop off your baby, you expect your baby to be kept safe. I don’t think there’s any other way to look at it as incredibly reckless. It’s an incredibly reckless thing to do, to endanger life like that.” 

We even have new pictures of what police stated are medicine and paraphernalia from contained in the day care. 

Federal authorities say this image reveals a kilgoram of fentanyl discovered at Divino Nino day care, the place toddler Nicholas Dominici died. 

U.S Attorney’s Office

The photos present what’s alleged a kilo of fentanyl, and a kilo press.  

Authorities stated this can be a kilo press gadget discovered at Divino Nino day care in the Bronx, the place toddler Nicholas Dominici died. 

U.S Attorney’s Office

Investigators are trying to find the husband of the Divino Nino day care’s owner

Watch: Adams blasts fentanyl drawback after Bronx day care death

Adams blasts fentanyl problem after Bronx day care death


City officers defended their inspectors who had given the middle the OK days earlier. 

“I’m very sorry, but one of the things my child care inspectors are not trained to do is look for fentanyl. But maybe we need to start,” stated New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. 

“That little piece, that little corner, about less than the size of a fingernail. A tenth of a size of a fingernail can kill and adult. So imagine what it could do to a child,” stated Mayor Eric Adams, highlighting the drug’s efficiency. 

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