Nimra reveals why she decided to star in ‘The Queen of My Dreams’

Celebrated Pakistani and international star Nimra Bucha has captivated audiences along with her powerhouse performances. Recently, she graced the distinguished Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Her impeccable fashion and beauty have taken the competition by storm, leaving an indelible mark at each flip.

While attending the premiere of The Queen of My Dreams, Bucha showcased her trend prowess by donning a creation from the celebrated designer Takreem-e-Zainab. The costume, chosen particularly for the event, exemplified magnificence and class, completely complementing Bucha’s charismatic presence on the pink carpet.

Behind the scenes, the designer shared unique insights into the creation of the costume, shedding mild on the meticulous craftsmanship that went into this beautiful piece. Furthermore, the Ms. Marvel actor took to her Instagram Story to thank her pals who “made Toronto home” for the star, whereas additionally thanking Sobia Khakwani for the “perfect ensemble” in which she was photographed. 

Bucha’s look at TIFF was about her sartorial selections and her distinguished position in the movie The Queen of My Dreams. Directed by Fawz Mirza, who additionally attended the competition, the movie has garnered vital consideration and reward from critics and audiences alike. 

In an thrilling photoshoot captured by Jay L Clendenin on the LA Times Studio at TIFF, Bucha, Mirza, Hamza Haq, and Amrit Kaur got here collectively to create a charming picture that highlighted their camaraderie. The LA Times shared this picture with the caption, “Director Fawzia Mirza and actors Amrit Kaur, Nimra Bucha, and Hamza Haq discuss their new film, The Queen of My Dreams, at the Los Angeles Times Studio at the RBC House during the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.”

Speaking about her character with the LA Times, with the context that the themes of the movie have been private to the director, Bucha mentioned, “That was the most important thing, where it was so personal for her. And so relatable in a way. In some ways, it was relatable. I think I grew to love Sharmila because I’m not a Sharmila Tagore fan. I learned how to act, and love, and desire, from Indian cinema. I’m more of a Zeenat Aman fan or Rekha. So, Sharmila Tagore, she eluded me in that sense.”

The actor continued, “Because I grew up in the 70s and 80s in Pakistan. That is, I think, one of the big surprises to me, that I grew to love Sharmila Tagore and (turning to Hamza) you remember you sang that song? When we were on set and – yeah. Those songs are now so much a part of – whenever I hear that song somewhere, it’s so evocative, it’s something that I learned now.” 

Furthermore, Bucha revealed, “The thing that really sold the script to me was the scene that I read with you (to Mirza), the Tupperware scene. That’s what drew me to this film. If this film is going to have a Tupperware scene, then nobody else is going to do this, I want to do this (prompting laughter). I loved it so much, that was my favourite bit. It was really fun to do. For me, as an actor, just something small in the frame, just something there will just do something to me.”

A evaluation by Film Companion has described The Queen of My Dreams as “a treat of a film, a real heartfelt pleasure,” additional solidifying its place as a must-watch cinematic masterpiece. Bucha herself posted in regards to the movie earlier in August on Instagram with the caption, “Our film. So close to our hearts. Coming soon.”

Bucha’s presence on the TIFF showcases her appearing prowess and her plain affect in the world of leisure. Her beautiful appearances and acclaim garnered by The Queen of My Dreams have made her an unforgettable presence at TIFF 2023.

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