Nadia praises Wahaj for visit to Child Protection Welfare Bureau

Actor Wahaj Ali not too long ago paid a visit to younger kids in an empathetic transfer that’s profitable hearts. Actor Nadia Jamil shared a prolonged Instagram publish about her “little brother” visiting Rizwana and the Child Protection Welfare Bureau in Lahore. 

“The bureau is a very sacred space for me. I do not let everyone meet the children this way. I do not trust everyone with them. But I knew this would warm your hearts. The children warm my heart every single time,” started Jamil. “It’s my little brother, Wahaj Ali, spreading love in the amazing, down-to-earth way he does, with his even more amazing, loving family, at my home away from home, the Lahore Child Protection Bureau,” she continued. 

The video is an emotional rollercoaster, with Ali playfully teasing and tickling the youngsters, embracing them with evident heat, and holding conversations with them. It is thus that the veteran star continued to spotlight, “This is why this is special. When Wahaj Ali comes to visit the children at the Child Protection Welfare Bureau, he spends hours with his family in every room. He makes sure each baby has been held, and he asks detailed questions about each child and each baby’s health and future. Sana and him are 100% present for the entire day they visit. Even little Amira is totally invested, concerned and present like my Nuri is. This is truly one of the most beautiful, wholesome families on Earth. It’s a joy and privilege to be a part of their life.”

Jamil additional shared, “Wahaj talked to the younger boys about the importance of self-respect and respecting others. They hung on to his every word. He encouraged the boys to handle conflict with love, respect and most of all, with knowledge. He inspired the older boys and made every child, boy or girl feel special. Most celebrities take a few pictures and run off, but not Wahaj. He is not phased by how many children there are, or by heat or humid weather. And you can feel the sincerity in their interaction.”

The actor continued, “After spending the whole day at the bureau, we went to visit Rizwana, where Wahaj and his family continued to spread smiles and share gifts. Rizwana’s smile was humungous and she was still smiling when I went to visit her today. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Wahaj for the joy you spread and how wholeheartedly you spread it.”

Jamil capped off her message with a quote by Rabindranath Tagore which matches, “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” Furthermore, she requested all these fascinated with making a distinction to attain out to her for comparable visits.

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