Johnny Depp skipped Cannes late-night bash to stay fresh

Johnny Depp skipped Cannes late-night bash to stay fresh 

Johnny Depp is placing his well being first as his absence from Jeanne du Barry‘s after-party final week on the Cannes Film Festival careworn his deal with his “well being.”

The movie star was known for his love of late-night parties, now preferred “relaxation” over the after-hour bash to stay fresh for the following day’s occasions.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star “made the decision to head back to his room early to make sure he got enough rest and to prepare for another day of media interviews,” as per TMZ.

The source explained that Johnny has experienced “an evolution in terms of prioritizing his health and rest” whereas he made his comeback.

Moreover, a tipster tattled to Sunday Mirror that 59-year-old lacking from the Carlton Cannes celebration for his film was seen.

“Everyone was expecting Johnny at the dinner,” the supply continued. “It’s very rare for the star of the film to not show, but he decided to lay low.”

The insider added, “All eyes are on him and he was worried about anything that could damage his comeback after an overwhelmingly positive reception at the Palais des Festivals opening ceremony. He was also nervous about any tension with guests inside.”

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