GREG GUTFELD: Ultra-liberal WaPo columnist David Ignatius is throwing in the security blanket

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So President Biden is dead-last in terms of the Democratic alternative for president. I ought to learn this prompter higher. 

Yet, it isn’t simply the proper anymore who’s stating the apparent about Joe. Even Dems lastly realized that Biden is fossilized. If he was gas, they might refuse to burn him. The ultra-liberal Washington Post columnist David Ignatius is throwing in the security blanket this week, lastly admitting in print that Joe is too outdated to run for re-election or to the lavatory, for that matter. 

If solely he may admit that Joe is too outdated to chop his personal meals. But how daring, it is like admitting the women of “The View” take pleasure in carbs. Let’s be clear: This is not an aged man’s fast slide into senility. It’s about political operatives lastly conceding to organic and political actuality.

For these of you sluggish on the uptake, he isn’t simply strolling towards the gentle, he is making an attempt to shake its hand. Thank you, and so after some throat-clearing about how nice Biden has been as a candidate and a president — hold on a second — I’m making an attempt to not vomit, Ignatius writes, “I don’t think Biden and VP Harris should run for re-election. It’s painful to say that, given my admiration for much of what they have accomplished.”

Of course it is painful, Dave. There often is discomfort concerned when speaking out of your a**. But he says that if Biden and Harris marketing campaign collectively in 2024, Biden might undo his biggest achievement, making all that unlawful cash from China for his household by pawning his title prefer it was a stolen watch. So this simply means being president is his biggest achievement as president.


I ponder what his second-greatest achievement is. Was it the collapse of Afghanistan or blowing up Nord Stream 2? Honorable point out, eggs prices six bucks. 

But actually the most vital factor Biden did, says Dave, was retaining Trump, who saved Hillary from slithering again into the White House, I imply, who wants a president who places this nation first, proper? No surprise there have been much less murders below Trump. Ignatius calls Trump 2024 “the nightmare of a revenge presidency,” however that is precisely what the Biden administration has been already. 

They do not care about how a lot worse your life is with their social gathering in cost. This is all about their political fortunes and Trump can be their misfortune. Ignatius additionally admits, “Biden’s age isn’t just a FOX News trope.” Well, thanks a lot, Dave. Turns out we’re not the solely ones who can depend all the approach as much as 80. And not like Joe, we are able to do it with out dozing off. Ignatius took to MSNBC, in fact, to defend his give up to the brevity of human life.

In addition to being mocked on-line, Biden obtained an X “community notes” fact-check for the error in one among his newest social media posts.  (White House)

DAVID IGNATIUS: We’re working out of time for there to be a significant means of taking a look at various candidates… He has a second now the place he ought to consider whether or not he ought to say no to himself about this elementary query of working once more. There’s a robust feeling in the nation, it is bipartisan, that when he takes workplace at 82, he is too outdated to serve a four-year time period.

Now, that digital noise you hear is not microphone suggestions, it is Biden’s Life Alert button giving him the two-minute warning. So is this simply the Democratic Party getting Biden out of the approach forward of the impeachment hearings? He may take extra individuals down with him than the Lusitania. Wow, that is a reference. 

Yet they hold claiming there is no proof of wrongdoing. Sure, and Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, and COVID came from a bat, and Brian Stelter has by no means touched a Pringle, and Keith Olbermann has human pals. But if that had been true about Joe, why are they out of the blue admitting what we have all identified for years, even earlier than the 2020 election? How do they profit from admitting that we had been proper all alongside? It’s like they’re pleading responsible to keep away from the trial. And sure, they’re pretending this is all their concept, very similar to Joe Biden’s speeches.


You can gaslight individuals about numerous issues like range is our power, or White supremacy is our greatest home risk, or Corn Pop was a *****. You can deceive them about inflation in international coverage, you could possibly even say this mouth-breathing hump is the smartest man you already know, however you possibly can’t un-old Joe Biden, not even with two dozen mothballs and a contemporary change of formaldehyde. 

He seems to be outdated, he acts outdated, he is outdated. The upside, he nonetheless poops like a 2-year-old, however even the White House press corps is catching on. Or somewhat, they notice they not have to fake Biden is mentally match to be president. Hell, it is a stretch to fake Biden is mentally match to beat John Fetterman at checkers. Roll it.

President Biden Air For One

President Biden stumbles whereas boarding Air Force One in Montgomery, Ala., on Sunday, March 5, 2023. (Fox News)

JEFF MORDOCK: The president has lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the September eleventh assaults, falsely claimed he noticed the Pittsburgh bridge collapse, claimed his grandfather died in the hospital days earlier than his start. What is occurring with the president? Is he simply believing issues that did not occur did occur, or is he simply randomly making stuff up?

See, that is the downside with electing a lifelong fabulist with creeping dementia that is now in an all-out dash. Does he even know what actuality is anymore in order to lie about it? It should be exhausting to recollect a previous that wasn’t there to start with. All these Dems aren’t out of the blue admitting this inescapable actuality as a result of it is the proper factor to do. 

They’re admitting it as a result of, like a 65-year-old stripper, they only cannot spin it anymore. It’s the identical purpose Ferris wheels will not take Chris Christie. And it isn’t simply Joe, it is Kamala. Other columnists are additionally floating a number of choices to switch Harris, together with L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and a used cocktail serviette. Even Pelosi, when given the alternative to again Kamala, can not help however deflect.


ANDERSON COOPER: Is Vice President Kamala Harris the greatest working mate for this president?

NANCY PELOSI: He thinks so, and that is what issues, and by the approach, she’s very politically astute. I do not assume individuals give her sufficient credit score.

COOPER: Do you assume she is the greatest working mate although?

PELOSI: She’s the vp of the United States. Well individuals say to me, “Well, why isn’t she doing this or that?” I mentioned, “It’s because she’s the vice president. That’s the job description. You don’t do that much.”

Yeah, I nonetheless give her credit score for with the ability to transfer her face, however lastly we agree the VP doesn’t do crap, however again to Joe. There are loads of 80-year-old Americans who’re nonetheless mentally and bodily able to dealing with the presidency. You obtained Clint Eastwood, William Shatner, Steve Doocy, so kudos to those Dems for lastly admitting it. 

They lastly discovered to not put all of your eggs in one casket. So it is not if he is out for 2024, it seems like when. They ought to simply give him the gold watch and present him out. Except he would possibly mistake it for a bribe and ask what Ukrainian prosecutor he wants to fireside. Vegas is good, they will begin taking bets from viewers on what month he’ll drop out. Right, Joe?

TOM SHILLUE: Na, na, na, na. I’m not going anyplace, man, and no one is going to do something about it. And you already know why, proper? Because I’m holding slightly one thing. It’s referred to as Kamala insurance coverage. That’s proper, you assume I obtained low numbers, check out a Harris ballot. Yeah, she’s higher insurance coverage than Flo from Progressive… She would not look dangerous in one among them white pantsuits. Laugh it up, Laughy Kathy.


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