Discover The Miracles Of Cornstarch! 5 Amazing Non-Food Uses To Know

Many of us use cornstarch for thickening our home made soups, gravies or sauces. This high quality whitish powder is produced from the starchy a part of corn kernels and is completely different from corn flour. Cornstarch can truly be utilized in quite a lot of methods within the kitchen (learn extra about it here). But aside from cooking-related ones, there are different functions of cornstarch that you must find out about. We have put collectively an inventory of the highest non-food makes use of of cornstarch that will simply make your lives simpler. Even if you do not have cornstarch stocked, these hacks could make you wish to purchase some. Check them out beneath:
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Here Are 5 Genius Uses Of Cornstarch Beyond Cooking:

Cornstarch may be put to make use of in some ways round the home. Photo Credit: iStock

1. For untangling knots

Whether you’re confronted with knotted string, shoelaces and even hair, cornstarch can assist you out. Cornstarch is claimed to assist cut back friction between strands of fabric and surfaces. Hence, including a small amount of it to the knotted space could show you how to separate the fibres.

2. For cleansing silverware

Make your personal DIY silver polish by combining cornstarch and water (2 tbsp of water for every tbsp of cornstarch is usually really useful). Apply this paste to your tarnished silverware and permit it to sit down for a couple of minutes. Later, rigorously wipe it clear with a microfibre or mushy cotton fabric.

3. For cleansing home windows

You can use a mixture of cornstarch and warm water to clean windows

You can use a mix of cornstarch and heat water to scrub home windows. Photo Credit: iStock

You can even use cornstarch to scrub your home windows. A easy combination of cornstarch and heat water can assist you do away with undesirable grime and stains in your home windows. Some folks additionally select so as to add some white vinegar to this combination. Cornstarch works nicely as a result of it has an abrasive high quality that makes for extra environment friendly cleansing.

4. To do away with grease stains

Has grease broken your garments or induced a messy kitchen counter? Cornstarch can come to your rescue in each circumstances. When it involves objects of clothes, first unfold them throughout a flat floor to reveal the stained space. Then cowl the stain with sufficient cornstarch and permit it to sit down for a couple of minutes. Later, brush or wipe off the powder and you’ll discover that your stain has disappeared! To clear your greasy kitchen counter, apply cornstarch and rub it utilizing a fabric till all stains have been eliminated.

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5. For DIY matte nail polish

You can also use cornstarch to turn your nail polishes into matte shades

You can even use cornstarch to show your nail polishes into matte shades. Photo Credit: iStock

Matte colors could make your nails look fairly enticing, giving them an understated magnificence that doesn’t depend on shine. If you solely have common nail polish at house, you may flip it into matte polish by mixing it with cornstarch. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for your self and see. Remember so as to add the cornstarch in small quantities otherwise you may find yourself with lumpy polish.

Cornstarch has many different makes use of, that are somewhat extra experimental. You can even use it to extend your grip on slippery instruments/ sports activities tools, put together home made dry shampoo and deodorants, create DIY slime for youths to play with, and many others. Do you will have any secret cornstarch hack you’d prefer to share with us? Let us know within the feedback beneath.

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