Arizona snake removal company snares 20 rattlers in single home

An Arizona-based snake removal company is boasting this week of catching essentially the most rattlesnakes in a single name.  

The name got here from a home in Mesa — about half-hour outdoors of Phoenix — Tuesday. The house owner thought he had seen solely three rattlesnakes lurking round in his storage. 

It turned out, there have been really 20 snakes, together with 5 grownup western diamondback rattlers — together with one which was pregnant — and 15 infants. 

The house owner initially thought there have been solely three rattlesnakes. (Rattlesnake Solutions)

A video shared by Rattlesnake Solutions exhibits snake wrangler Marissa Maki arriving on the home. In the video, Maki finds many of the rattlers coiled across the base of a sizzling water heater. 

“That is a lot of snakes. I’m not going to lie. This is crazy,” Maki says in the video. 

The western diamondbacks, with their distinctive triangular-shaped heads, are discovered all through the Southwest. Their venom is much much less poisonous than different rattlesnake species, however they nonetheless require skilled care when being dealt with.


The video exhibits Maki utilizing tongs to rigorously decide up every of the rattlers earlier than putting them right into a plastic bucket. She later drives out to the desert and releases every of them again into the wild. 

arizona rattlesnakes

The handler returned the snakes to the wild.  (Rattlesnake Solutions)

Maki later explains that the snakes doubtless entered the person’s storage by way of a spot beneath the door and “decided to have babies in there.” 

Rattlesnake Solutions mentioned it was their most rattlesnakes caught in one name. Company proprietor Bryan Hughes mentioned the quantity might have been larger. Hughes mentioned a number of shedded skins have been discovered in the storage, indicating as many as 40 snakes could have lived there in some unspecified time in the future.

“We’ll never know how many rattlesnakes have come and gone over time,” he mentioned.


Rattlesnake Solutions made headlines in July when the company efficiently eliminated a non-venomous coachwhip snake from a Tucson home. Their 20-second video confirmed that 3- to 4-foot snake being plucked from a bathroom bowl and hissing straight on the digicam.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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